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Baltic Women For Marriage & Dating: Useful Facts And Top Dating Tips

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The Baltic States are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania — we say “Baltic states” because it’s much faster to pronounce it. However, they shouldn’t be put in a group because these are three different nations who speak different languages. For example, Estonians are closer to Finns, while Lithuanians and Latvians are closer to neighboring Slavic nations (Lithuania and Poland). Of course, all these nations differ from each other, and of course, the same applies to Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian women. Here, we’ll tell you about the things they have in common — and we believe that these facts will be useful for you if you want to understand Baltic women for marriage better.

Of course, that’s not all — we’ll also tell you about some rules that will help you understand how to date beautiful Baltic mail order brides!

Baltic women for marriage — what to know about them?

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The first thing you need to know about Baltic girls for marriage is that they are extremely beautiful. Just so you know, Estonia is the country with the most fashion models per capita in the world! Maybe it’s about their diet with lots of fruits, grains, vegetables, and fish that leads to a very low obesity rate. Maybe, it’s about their history and mixed genes (Baltic states were the gates for German immigrants hundreds of years ago, then they were under Swedish control, and they were also controlled by Russia). Maybe, it’s about something else, we don’t know really. What we definitely know is that these women look just great — they often have blue eyes, blonde hair, and model-like face features. Most Baltic mail order brides who use international dating platforms look really stylish and fit, so visit any platform, find mail order brides from Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, and you’ll see it with your own eyes!

Then, a surprising fact: they are not actually as suppressed as you might think they are. There is a stereotype about a poor situation with women’s rights in the former USSR because of, you know, state conservatism, but it’s not like this anymore. At least in the Baltic states.

Thus, these countries have a very low gender gap in the inactivity rates. The inactivity rate is the percentage of women and men who are not in the labor force, and in simple words, such figures mean that the number of unemployed women isn’t much higher than the number of unemployed men. If you compare them to the countries with more traditional societies (Italy, Romania, Poland, etc), you’ll see the difference. The representation of women in the parliament is close-to-equal and, what’s even more surprising for post-Soviet countries, there is a very high percentage of women in senior management in Latvia (Lithuania and Estonia rates are close behind). The situation with women’s rights and gender equality is far from perfect in these countries, but it’s definitely not awful. For you, it means that your Baltic wife will most likely have modern views on family roles, gender equality, and all this stuff.

What’s next? Some good news. If you have been worrying about taking your future wife to the United States or to the United Kingdom, stop it right now. People who live in Baltic states see nothing wrong with migration. Just think about it: 8.1% of Lithuanian and 6.9% of Latvian economically active citizens have moved to other EU countries, and these numbers are really high — so you won’t have to move to Estonia or Latvia. Your wife will come to your country without any problem! What’s more, there are no legal obstacles for Baltic women to become US citizens — you’ll have to get her a K-1 visa, then a Green card, and then, it’s done.

Baltic women for marriage don’t tend to get married and to have babies in their 20s. According to statistics, they typically have their first child at an older age (the mean age of women at the birth of the first child was 28 years 12 years ago and now it’s 30 years). The same is about marriage — they tend to marry in 28-30 years (28 in Lithuania, 30 in Latvia). Of course, you can find lots of 25, 20, and even 18 year old Baltic brides who will be happy about the idea of having a baby, it’s not that difficult. But the majority of these women think that it’s important to build a career first.

How to date Baltic brides?

These 5 rules are simple to remember (but quite difficult to follow). Continue reading and you’ll find out how to impress Baltic brides!

  1. They can be quite reserved, and you’ll have to deal with that. According to some studies, Lithuania is the most introverted country in the world — and women who live in other Baltic states are not that extraverted, too. So, use all the “how to date introverts” rules here: cut the small talk, show that you’re an intelligent man, don’t overuse compliments, and be patient. And don’t be scared of the initial silence, by the way. These women might look a bit cold and reserved, but that’s only the initial stage and once you break the ice, they will be very friendly and open-minded.
  2. Learn a bit of Russian — it’s easier than learning Estonian, Lithuanian, and Latvian languages. Lots of people who live in Baltic states still speak Russian — for example in Latvia, 37.2% of people use Russian at home. They often know English quite well, especially 20-30 year-olds. So, you’ll probably have no problems with the language barrier here even if you only know English, but if you know Russian, you’ll be able to speak to almost any Baltic girl!
  3. Try to look great. It’s not that they think appearance is more important than personality, of course. It’s just about equal efforts — Baltic girls for marriage usually do their best to look nice for a date, so it makes sense they love it when a man looks good, too. It’s not about the price tags and brand names, it’s about clean shoes, clean and neat clothes, neutral colors, good perfume, etc. Just some basic stuff.
  4. Pay for the dinner. Most of these women still think that paying for the date is something a man must do. However, if she tells you she wants to go Dutch, just split the bill and don’t insist — it might work in some Slavic countries, but not in Baltic states.
  5. Take the initiative. It’s all about that previously mentioned introvertness actually. Most of these women are not very initiative, especially when we’re talking about the very first date. It’s just not in their nature, so you’ll probably have to plan the date and to pick the activities even if you’ve never been to this country!

Baltic women are simply the best: they are beautiful, smart, they are great wives. And more importantly, they are happy to date Americans! So don’t hesitate and use our tips — you won’t regret it!

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