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Swedish Women For Marriage & Dating — Literally All You Wanted To Know

Have you ever thought that it would be great to date or marry a woman from Sweden? You know, all those stereotypical hot blue-eyed blonde Swedish brides who are very open-minded and eager to marry a guy from another country — what could be better than that?

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Still, there is a thing you need to know before you start searching for Swedish mail order brides. This thing is: these women are different. They can be blonde or brunette, open-minded or not, hard-working or not that focused on their career. Here, we’ll tell you about these women in general, about the majority of them — but don’t forget that each girl is unique and your Swedish bride does not necessarily have to be like this or like that. Let’s start.

Top facts about Swedish brides

Either you already know some of these facts or you have never heard anything about Swedish girls for marriage, you’ll find something interesting here in both cases. Like, have you heard that Sweden is often considered the beacon of tolerance today? That’s 100% true, and that’s what we’ll begin with.

They are very tolerant

You’ve probably heard all those stories about countries where people have an irrational fear of interracial marriages, like China or some South Asian countries — sometimes these stories are true, sometimes they are not. But when it comes to Swedish mail order brides, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

The thing is: Swedish women for marriage are very tolerant and don’t discriminate against people because of their race, ethnicity, religion, culture, etc. Basically, Sweden is one of the most racially tolerant countries in the world along with the United States, Norway, Australia, and Canada. Despite being a monoethnic country (the largest ethnic group is ethnic Swedes followed by Finns and Danes), Sweden is the country where interracial marriages are becoming more and more acceptable from a social point of view. There is a 50% increase in the rate of such marriages from the 1970s to the 1990s and in 2008, 9% of all marriages were intermarriages between Swedes and foreign-born persons.

They are stunning and passionate

We can’t say that there are lots of studies that can back this statement up. Yeah, Stockholm is often named as having the world’s most attractive women along with Kyiv and Tel Aviv — but to understand what we’re talking about, the bare facts and polls are not enough. These women are VERY attractive — they have blonde hair, blue eyes (yes, exactly what the stereotype says), fit bodies, and the whole “the beautiful Swedish girl” thing. Want to understand what we mean here? Visit any dating website with Swedish mail order brides and you’ll see thousands of fantastically attractive ladies!

There can be lots of reasons for that. From great health care system and very low obesity rates (1 person in 10 is obese in this country; in the US, it’s 36% of women) to high levels of physical activity, the country’s healthy lifestyle and nutrition policy… We don’t know what exactly makes them so beautiful, but whatever it is, it works perfectly!

What’s even more interesting, they are not as cold as you might have imagined. According to some polls, Sweden is one of the countries where women have the highest sex drive (78%, it’s 69% in the United States). Swedish girls have higher sex drive than passionate Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese women — so if you want your sex life to never be boring, Swedish women for marriage are a great choice!

They are hard-working and don’t want to stay at home

There is such thing as “female labor force participation.” It’s the proportion of the working-age female population that works or searches for work — it’s only 57% in the US (which is quite a good result) and much lower in many “mail order bride” countries. In India, it’s 20%; in Ukraine, it’s 46%, and in Mexico, it’s 44%. When it comes to Swedish women for marriage, the figures speak for themselves — almost 62% of them are either employed or searching for a job. Sweden is also one of the best places to work as a woman, and that’s why Swedish girls don’t usually stay at home. Even if they are new moms.

This country has a very low number of stay-at-home moms, and it’s not that they work to live. They prefer reentering the labor market quite quickly after childbirth, and only 9% of them think that women should stay at home and care for their families. Just for comparison’s sake: more than 20% of American women would prefer to stay at home, and if we’re talking about “mail bride countries” like Russia, Brazil, or India, the percentages are much higher (25%, 29%, and 41% respectively). So, don’t expect your Swedish wife to be a stay-at-home mother — she’ll most likely return to work very soon. If you want to find a traditional, submissive wife who’ll cook, clean, and stay at home, try other countries. There are lots of international brides (especially those from Asia and Latin America) who would be happy about this idea.

They don’t typically marry in their 20s

The average age of the first marriage in this country is 33.9 for women, and this makes Sweden one of the highest marriage age countries in the world. It’s not surprising, obviously, because the better the country’s economy is, the older are people who get married.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that Swedish girls are into hookup culture — they live together with their partners in their 20s, but they just don’t get married too fast. According to the statistics, 60% of couples who marry between 20-25 will end in divorce, but when it comes to couples in their 30s, the odds of divorce are reduced by 11% per year!

Swedish brides: best dating tips

Dating Swedish mail order brides might be difficult… But not for you if you’ll follow these three simple dating tips!

  1. Have a fika date. It’s not like a traditional American date where you pick her up, go to a romantic restaurant, then kiss her, no. In Sweden, it works like this: you two have a coffee… And that’s all. It can be a date (if it’s a good date) or it can be only a fika (if it hasn’t turned out to be a good date), so it’s 100% safe both for you and for her. Be casual, relax, ask questions to get to know her and answer her questions to let her know you better, it’s simple. If you are invited to the second fika, congratulations — it’s 100% a date!
  2. Hug instead of kiss. A kiss on the cheek will feel weird on the first date with a Swedish girl, but hugging is totally ok here.
  3. Don’t insist on paying. Some Swedish girls love it when a man pays for the date, the others don’t like it at all. That’s why we recommend you offer to pay for her, but if she says “no,” it’s 100% no. You’ll get more brownie points for going Dutch than for paying for her.

As you can see, Swedish brides make great wifey material, and they are very easy to date. Surprise your Swedish girlfriend using our tips, and a wonderful family future will await you!

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