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Lithuanian Brides: The Most Interesting And Completely True Facts

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ёWomen from this country are just fantastic, but you have probably not heard anything about them before. The thing is, Lithuania is certainly not the first country that comes to mind when you hear about mail order brides. This is not because they are worse than, say, girls from Russia, Poland, Latin countries, or Asia — this is just because they are not as hyped as the women from these countries. Here, we’ll tell you about beautiful Lithuanian brides and provide you the tips to help you have a great first date with a lady from this country!

Top 3 facts you didn’t know about Lithuanian brides

They think marriage has no alternatives

Let’s take a step back here. The thing is: the marriage rates decrease throughout the world (in the US, this rate is the lowest in the last 150 years). However, the situation is completely different in Lithuania. This country has the highest crude marriage rate in the EU (6.9 per 1,000 persons, twice as many as in Portugal or Italy) and it’s also one of the countries with the least births outside of marriage in the EU. Why?

There are lots of theories, but they don’t work as expected when we’re talking about Lithuania. For instance, it’s a religious country — but Lithuanians are not more religious than Italians, Portuguese, or Irish, so the Decline Of Christianity Theory can’t be applied here. Work Opportunities Theory looks nice, but Lithuanian women have the same work opportunities as ladies in France or Slovenia (almost half as many marriages per 1,000 persons as Lithuania). So, why do women from Lithuania think that marriage is that important and go against the world’s marriage decline trend?

There are some theories that blame the increased cohabitation rates. These theories say that basically, the concept of marriage has been replaced by the concept of “living together” — and this explanation looks perfect! The number of people who prefer living with a partner instead of marrying has been rising during the last decades, but not in Lithuania. This country has the lowest cohabitation rate in the EU, but why? Because the cohabitation isn’t socially accepted here and is not seen as a childless stage leading to marriage in this country (like in Spain, for example). This leads to the highest marriage rates — Lithuanians just don’t consider living together an alternative! So, here’s what you need to know: if you want to date Lithuanian girls, be ready for marriage. They won’t be happy with the idea of cohabitation.

They are introvert

This is the top introverted country in the world. According to the polls, 55.6% of Lithuanians who have taken an online personality test on 16personalities (one of the biggest personality test services) can be called introverts. But obviously, you shouldn’t worry about it. Yes, some Americans feel like Lithuanian brides are a bit reserved and shy at the first stage of the relationship, but only at the very first stage — when you get past that and get to know Lithuanian girls better, you’ll see they are actually very sweet and friendly.

They are not as stereotypes suggest

Many foreigners worry about marriage and relationships when they think of mail order brides because of the stereotypes. One of these stereotypes sounds like this: people in post-USSR countries don’t like Americans so it’s hard to marry a girl from these countries.

lithunian women

That’s not true in Lithuania. More than 80% of Lithuanian citizens who are married to foreigners are women, so a transnational marriage with a Lithuanian bride is not something new in this country. What’s more interesting is that a typical Lithuanian woman who marries a man from another country is young (25-30 years old), well-educated, and urban. Doesn’t it sound exactly what you want to find?

And there is another old stereotype from some Americans who were romance-scammed. Here it is: all women who live there are gold-diggers and only want your money.

That’s definitely not true. Just think about it — the average monthly wage in Lithuania is almost 1500 Euros (about $1,800). In the United States, it’s $19.33 an hour which makes the monthly pay of about $3,300. It’s not even twice as much, so what’s the point? A well-educated and hard-working woman can earn even more in Lithuania, so there’s no sense in going to the US because of money. As for the Green card and US citizenship, that’s nonsense, too — these women are already citizens of the European Union so again, what’s the point?

Lithuanian mail order brides: dating tips

Follow these simple tips if you want to have a great date with all those beautiful Baltic brides!

  • Make her feel comfortable. Lithuanian mail order brides may be a bit shy, as we’ve already said, so you’ll have to deal with that. Do not try too hard, don’t push, and don’t say that she is reserved because it will only make her MORE shy. Take control, be creative, try to have a great conversation, and show that you are really interested in her — these simple rules will 100% work.
  • Pay for the date (but well, it’s not that simple). Many Lithuanian girls for marriage still think that a man should pay for dinner, but there are also lots of them who believe that going Dutch gives them a sense of gender equality. So, here’s what you should do: just start picking up the bill on the first date and if she says she wants to share, let her share.
  • Look your best! The way you look counts, as well as the way you behave and present yourself. It’s about clothes, shoes, perfume, haircut, beard — all these things are extremely important.

Where to find Lithuanian mail order brides?

Lithuanian brides, as well as foreign brides from other Baltic countries, often use mail bride platforms. These platforms are like dating sites, but with several differences. Thus, they are usually paid ($20-$50 per month), they offer high-quality services and almost no bots/fake profiles, and they have more communication methods than traditional dating sites. You can go another way, visit Lithuania, and try to pick up the girls on the streets, but mail bride platforms are cheaper, faster, and better than that.

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